Mileage Management

Our know-how for your business

BTU offers an extra service, an efficient mileage management tool, developed in-house. The BTU service team’s detailed knowledge of the frequent-flyer programs’ terms and conditions allows us to reduce your air travel costs by 5% to 15% over a full year. Compliance with Austrian Finance Ministry tax requirements is also ensured. The accumulated miles from frequent-flyer programs are collected together and used for your business travels.

This exclusive BTU service benefits you in more ways than one:

  • Use of accumulated miles in accordance with tax regulations
  • Savings on air travel costs of up to 20%
  • How are the miles redeemed?

How are the miles redeemed?

  • All miles are redeemed in accordance with your company’s travel guidelines
  • The miles earned on each employee’s business trips are managed by BTU using a tool designed specifically for this purpose. Your company’s pooled mileage is used as follows:
    – If an employee flies using a bonus ticket, then any frequent-flyer miles relating to that employee are used first
    – If the employee does not have miles to his or her credit, then the miles of the employee´s department are used
    – If no miles are available at the department level, miles from elsewhere in the company are used

Numerous airlines offer concessions in the form of frequent-flyer miles and award flights. Care must however be taken to ensure that frequent-flyer miles earned on business travel are properly recorded for tax purposes.

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