Safety and security services

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A traveller tracking system can not only establish a traveller’s location through booking information, but also initiate contact with the traveller directly.

BTU’s partner ConTgo covers all aspects of tracking. Services offered vary from standard solutions to individual solutions on a local or global scale. In addition to pre-trip information and reporting, information in the event of an incident is a core component of the product. The implementation, administration and information management can be centralised or decentralised. The core services can be extended with travel policy solutions and procurement elements.

Global assistance companies such as BTU’s partner International SOS (ISOS) support companies and organisations whose employees travel or work abroad. ISOS customers can make use of its medical, security and health management services all over the world.

ISOS – facts & figures

International SOS is the world’s biggest medical assistance company and a market leader in the management of international health and security risks.

ISOS is multidisciplinary in its approach: it combines a variety of related services such as support in emergencies, medical services and health care management (cost containment) to provide its customers with integrated solutions. ISOS is in action all round the world: its support, expertise and experience benefits people not only in industrialised countries but also in the developing world.

Security services

Civil disorder, attempted coups and terrorism are unfortunately realistic scenarios in many parts of the world. Companies with employees abroad must have support mechanisms they can rely on in emergencies. The ISOS security services are just such a mechanism. ISOS provides up-to-date information on security risks as well as direct support in dangerous situations.

The company’s own security specialists monitor risky situations all over the world, ensuring that every customer is provided with timely information on developments that might represent a security risk for their employees. By taking advantage of the numerous possibilities offered by the ISOS assistance (alarm) centres and drawing on a global network of experts, the regional crisis intervention teams can react appropriately and without loss of time.

Services provided

• Round-the-clock, up-to-date information on events all over the world 
• Situation assessments and preventative planning 
• 24-hour on-call planning and coordination of responses in security crises 
• Organisation and coordination of evacuations 
• Provision of appropriate means of transport