Travel Management

Our know-how for your business

Professionally planned and organised business travel requires strategic travel management. As your partners, we at BTU provide individual and flexible solutions, integrated into a global network. Key account management services are complemented by detailed reporting, analysis and process optimisation. As our customer, what you get from BTU is the full range of processes and technologies to make sure that everything from planning to management control works perfectly:

  • Work processes
    Whether you prefer full or partial service (managed or unmanaged booking), BTU can offer you a tailor-made service for your business travel.
  • Travel expenses
    In every business, travel expenses are one of the areas with the greatest potential for cost savings. With BTU you can cut costs by up to 30% – for example, by choosing the correct form of transport while also taking into account convenience, time factors and social aspects.
  • Travel guidelines
    There is an old saying among travel managers: “For every guideline, there’s an exception”. This is only partly true: travel guidelines are part of the corporate culture, and should be treated with respect. BTU assists you in formulating your guidelines correctly, while factoring in practicality, responsible management and cost savings.
  • Coordination
    In multinational corporate networks, an overview is often difficult to obtain. In certain situations regional federalism can make things run more smoothly, but over and above local service levels, procurement and management control must be centrally coordinated.
  • Hotel and car rental expenses
    Based on your travel guidelines, we offer our support in negotiating agreements with airlines, and also with hotel chains and car rental firms. These expenses are rarely correctly monitored, so that with proper management they can be drastically reduced.
  • The traveller ...
    ... or the employee responsible for making the travel arrangements, is the best measure of the quality of our services. Only a happy customer will come back with more business. At BTU we emphasise communication – explaining, providing information, and training, so that personal contacts are enriched.
  • Social commitment and responsibility
    Are you concerned about your employees’ wellbeing? So are we. Detailed analysis before and after the trip ensures that you know where the traveller is at any given time. Social responsibility increasingly includes environmental sensitivity, with one main focus being on CO2 emissions. We can advise you on travel alternatives and provide an up-to-date CO2 calculator, so that you know how you can best contribute to reducing your CO2 footprint. The BTU team is always happy to provide you with the latest information and appropriate statistics.