What Austria has to offer

Our competences for your stay in Austria 

Primeval riparian forests and flood plains along the Danube, terraced vineyards in the Wachau, jagged mountain peaks in the Alps surrounded by alpine pastures and untamed mountain torrents, gently rolling alpine foothills – with the richness of its landscapes, Austria is truly blessed by nature. Man’s contribution is no less impressive: from the world’s oldest stone statuette, the Venus of Willendorf, to sumptuously furnished monasteries and castles, and striking contemporary architecture. 

Austria’s unique variety of nature and culture is matched by its range of tourist activities. Active holidays with hiking, cycling, golf or adventure sports specialists, relaxing stays at spas and wellness centres, cultural exploration in Austria's numerous small towns and magnificent monasteries, epicurean holidays with winegrowers and gourmet restaurants, or simply the natural beauty of Austria's national parks and country farms – the range of vacation ideas is virtually inexhaustible.

At BTU, we are proud to offer the widest possible range of programs with the most attractive hotels and arrangements available.