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Strike warning: Finnair strike warning by Finnish Cabin Crew Union between 15.11. – 23.11

12. November 2013

Finnish Cabin Crew Union and Finnish Aviation Union have published a strike warning starting on November 15th until November 23rd. The negotiations are ongoing but Finnair is looking forward to a positive outcome to avoid the strikes. If the strikes start they would have a severe impact on Finnair operations during that period. The strikes would not have an impact on Finnair leisure flights.

Since Finnair cannot guarantee all the flight operations, Finnair offers the following flexibility options for customers whose flight is between 15.11. – 23.11. and who therefore may be impacted by this event:

  • Advance the departure or the return date to 12.11.2013 – 13.11.2013
  • Postpone the departure or the return date to 25.11.2013 – 31.5.2014, excluding 16.12.2013 – 6.1.2014

To change your booking please call to Finnair customer service in Finland +358 10 804060 or to any of our local customer service centers.

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