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BTU has been a partner in the world's leading network ATPI – Advanced Travel Partner International – for several years. Together with our partners, we offer professional solutions in the field of business travel, mice and events for global companies operating in all industries around the globe.

The ATPI Group was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in the Netherlands. It was formed from the merger of several business travel partners operating in the UK and mainland Europe since 1934. To expand in the US market, a joint venture between ATPI and Direct Travel Inc. took place in 2017, operating as a global TMC under the name DirectATPI in the global travel market. With a joint board of directors made up of executives from both companies, the venture brings together two like-minded, customer-focused companies to form one of the leading global TMCs in the world. This enables our joint clients to leverage unified technology platforms with a single source of data. This technology base is complemented by numerous tools and proprietary developments that are essential for customers in today's travel market and provide peace of mind for travellers.

ATPI offers unbeatable benefits to its clients:

  • Support for renowned global entrepreneurs as well as multinational medium-sized companies, but also large international corporations

  • Strong partner network with professional consultants who have top knowledge in international travel management

  • Each partner is a local market leader and is characterised by the best knowledge of local conditions

  • Global account management provides a consistent worldwide service level agreement (SLA) to meet corporate travel management objectives

More than
billion $ turnover
customers worldwide
employees worldwide

Global Services Unlimited


With TravelHub, ATPI provides a single sign-on portal that enables direct and uniform access to the technology used. Using ATPI TravelHub as a central "entry point" provides direct access to all selected ATPI tools, plus customised implementation and links. Examples of the tools and technologies that can be integrated can be found below.


eProfile is ATPI's profile solution that has multiple real-time interfaces to and from systems such as OBTs, GDS, HR systems, CRM systems and hotel and rail platforms. This ensures up-to-date profile data, smooth bookings and compliance with data protection regulations under the new GDPR regulation – anywhere, anytime.


The system allows access to reports of all kinds ad hoc. From a global overview to a country level, department or cost centre level or even down to a specific booking level, all data can be accessed at the touch of a button. Custom reports can be created, bookmarked and even shared with colleagues to provide an identical view of the data. Analytics also has functions to export data to Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides for meetings and sharing.

Air Fare Sourcing

With the use of Air Fare Sourcing, ATPI provides a unique air fare technology. This tool enables air fares to be sourced globally across our entire network of offices in an automated manner. The savings from using this technology can be significant, as ATPI is able to offer airfares that would otherwise not be available in the market where the traveller begins their journey.

TTS Traveller Tracking System

With the Traveller Tracking System, ATPI offers a full range of traveller safety and security solutions designed to protect your most valuable asset – your travellers. From pre-travel advice to 24/7 assistance and support during travel. They can locate travellers, identify them and communicate with you. Of course, your ATPI team will also support you with their concerns at any time.

Global Key Account Management

Together with our network partners, we implement your multinational travel programme. After implementation and supported by the local account managers, the global account manager takes over all global travel issues and implements them together globally and locally.

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