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Global network – local expertise

BTU is a partner in the world’s largest owner-operated travel management network GlobalStar.

All the companies in the network are market leaders, usually among the top 3 in their country, who, with the help of a minimum service level, provide services to multinational customers.

GlobalStar offers its clients unbeatable advantages:

  • Support of well-known small and medium-sized enterprises, but also large international companies

  • Strong partner network with top knowledge in international travel management

  • Each partner has the best knowledge of the local conditions

  • Global Account Management offers a consistent service level agreement (SLA) all over the world

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Global Services Unlimited

Data Star

A modern reporting system that provides you with a country-specific overview of your travel volume for your data consolidation, regardless of which of the GlobalStar travel agencies in the world you have commissioned for booking.

Fare Star

An efficient fare search tool to compare air fares worldwide for you. This enables us to pass on to you the price advantages of cheaper tickets in other countries.

Profile Star

The personalised traveller system, which allows you to obtain unlimited service quality with the help of your customer profile.

Globale Key Account Management

Together with our partners in the network, we implement your multinational travel programme. The global account manager, together with local account managers, handles all issues and implements them locally.

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