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Compensation for problems with checked baggage in air travel

With the compensation check, you can verify your flights free of charge and without obligation after entering the flight number and date.

According to the Montreal Convention, an air traveller can receive up to approx. €1,300 for baggage problems with checked-in baggage for the actual damage (replacement purchases, repair of suitcases, contents of suitcases, suitcase).

  • Immediate reporting at the airport (Property Irregularity Report, PIR) is important for all types of problems. Keep this written damage report safe – you cannot make a claim without it.

  • Required documents: boarding pass, baggage tag, PIR

Tips for delayed baggage (at the destination airport)

You are allowed to make replacement purchases (necessary clothing, hygiene articles). What you buy will depend on the purpose of your trip. It is important to keep the receipts. Items of a medium type and quality will be reimbursed.
* Notify the airline in writing of the amount of the damage 21 days after you have received your luggage back.

Tips for damaged baggage
Take a photo of the damaged baggage as evidence. The cost of repairing the baggage, or the current value, will be refunded if it is not possible to repair the damage.
* If your baggage was delayed and is then returned damaged, please send a new damage report to the airline within 7 days.

Tips for lost baggage
If you have not received your piece of luggage within 21 days of your travel date, it is considered lost. You can now claim the contents of the suitcase, the suitcase itself and any replacement purchases as damage.

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The commission fee will only be deducted from the amount paid out if settlement is successful.

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