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Newsletter visum.at; 13. Jan. 2021

Brexit - What has changed?

Webinar | Brexit Trade Agreement: The Movement of Goods Explained
Join CIBTvisas experts live from the UK as they discuss the Brexit Trade Agreement and what traders need to know. The Webinar will be held on 21st of January at 2:00pm MEZ. Click here to sign up now. 

White Paper | Brexit and Immigration: What You Need to Know
Keeping a keen eye on Brexit developments, and ensuring that they are equipped with the very latest breaking news on what Brexit means for migration, our immigration specialists are frequently invited to speak about Brexit at industry events and working groups. Our analysts have also published a number of white papers and guides; please download these here.

Q&A | Business Visitors After Brexit Webinar
Our UK and EU immigration experts received a lot of interesting questions to the Webinar in regards how this will impact business travelers and employees moving between the EU and the UK. THe Q&A are now online. Please follow this link to learn more.

We understand that it is vital to minimize the impact of Brexit. CIBTvisas with its sister company and leading global immigration provider Newland Chase offers a 30-minute complimentary Brexit consultations for employers.Schedule a Brexit consultation with our experts to prepare for business after Brexit.  Click here.

General News

Effective 15 January, all travellers entering Austria will need to register electronically in advance and obtain a so-called pre-travel clearance (PTC). At the border, they will have to show their PTC (either digitally or as a hard copy). There are exemptions for unexpected travel due to emergencies. 

Consular Closings

For access to all scheduled consular closed dates in Austria visit and bookmark our closing page

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