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Innovative pricing

For a long time now, our customers and travellers have seen BTU as more than just a travel shop that fulfils their travel wishes and issues tickets. As a modern travel management company (TMC) and business travel agency we are perceived as an important strategic partner. For our globally active companies, we provide smart travel programmes for efficient connections and administratively simplified processes, thus supporting their economic success. The pursuit of excellence drives us, and technology supports us in this regard.

Digitalisation is creating unique opportunities for our customers to define their relationship with the TMC and for TMCs to add value to their customers. Today, BTU is already investing in tomorrow's technologies to create new, personalised solutions based on a modern infrastructure with maximum convenience and transparency for our customers. It requires constant technological development to be able to offer up-to-date services and make access to them easier for our customers.

This rapid change has so far left the TMC pricing model untouched. Ticket-related “processing fees” (transaction fees) are still charged. As a pure transaction fee, they capture an ever decreasing share of the actual added value offered. Especially in times of the coronavirus pandemic, business travel agencies are doing much more to enable their customers to travel. This is why the entire travel industry worldwide is forced to think about the further development of its pricing model. This is to ensure that travellers have a competent partner and innovative technologies at their disposal at all times before, during and after their trip.

Several models are being discussed internationally. The “subscription fee”, which we know from streaming service providers such as Netflix, works on the basis of fixed purchase quantities agreed in advance. This way, all infrastructure costs for employees and systems are charged. In times when it is currently difficult to plan travel volume and – speaking for Austria – smaller customers on average, this model only covers a few individual cases.

It is fairer, more transparent and also more practicable to introduce a so-called “Network Access Fee”. In addition to the handling fee, this is charged as a monthly fee for access to and provision of the most modern system infrastructure, following the example of other industries (banks, telephony providers, energy suppliers). This pricing model transparently captures the increasing demand for services and systems and will also meet future industry developments. In order to secure the many added values and services of BTU for our customers in the future, we will soon adjust our billing model.

In an increasingly digital and often non-transparent world, companies need a reliable, innovative and independent travel partner that offers the best service digitally or in person and a comprehensive range of services based on an advanced system landscape. That is why BTU will soon introduce a “Network Access Fee”, which will be billed monthly or annually based on customer profiles. Last but not least, this will make the value of the partnership between BTU and its customers transparent and the benefit for the customer is fairly assessed. This secures the continuance for the benefit of long-term, smart servicing.

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