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Right to compensation after a flight delay

ou are entitled to compensation after a flight delay if:

  • you have reached your destination more than 3 hours late.

  • your flight departed from an airport in an EU Member State, or you travelled into the EU from a third country and the airline is based in the EU.

  • the delay was not caused by force majeure (“acts of God”) (e.g. bad weather, bird strike, issues beyond the airline’s control).

The amount of compensation depends on the distance travelled:

  • €250.00 (up to 1,500 km)

  • €400.00 (up to 3,500 km)

  • €600.00 (from 3,500 km)

The passenger is entitled to compensation even if it is a business trip and the ticket was paid for by the employer. However, the employer can make different contractual arrangements in advance, stating that the compensation payments must be transferred to the employer. This is legally permissible.

You can also request compensation from the airline in the event of a flight cancellation that you have learned of less than 14 days before the scheduled departure date. You can also ask the airline to provide you with a replacement flight, or to pay the ticket costs.

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